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Supportive and efficient!
Supportive and efficient! At my lowest period, I was doing drugs daily, and I’d disappointed and pushed away everybody I loved. Every treatment program that I attempted resulted in failure. Rehab San Antonio, TX gave me hope once more, helped me comprehend my substance dependency, and taught me how to recognize and resist my triggers. I know that without Rehab San Antonio, TX, I'd be by myself, suffering, and on the streets - perhaps even dead. Now, thanks to their help, I've got my family back again, a great job, and the support and encouragement I need to stay clean and healthy.
, San Antonio TX May 19, 2012

Incredibly effective!
Incredibly effective! This wasn’t my first try at treatment, however, it's the first one that stuck. With the help of Rehab San Antonio, TX, I am finally clean and sober, and can handle my dependency!
, San Antonio TX Mar 19, 2012

Highly supportive!
Highly supportive! My rehabilitation experience at Rehab San Antonio, TX was not just efficient and a success, but enjoyable and calming because of their living accommodations. They are fantastic!
, San Antonio Nov 17, 2012

The best rehab program!
The best rehab program! I felt like I was in treatment against my will, so when I first arrived at Rehab San Antonio, TX I would not open up and communicate in group or individual therapy. I believed that nobody would be able to understand me, or my problems with drug addiction, and that rehab wouldn't work. However, when I began to hear the stories of others in the program, I noticed that many of us us had experienced the same problems. Once I started to open up and talk, I could actually feel that I was getting stronger and healthier. I really think that Rehab San Antonio, TX is the one reason I am alive right now!
Feb 24, 2011

Great treatment!
Great treatment! Thank you, Rehab San Antonio, TX, so much! Because of them, I've got my life back, I'm capable of reconnecting with my family, and I've got a good job in order to support my family. If you wish to change your life, I'd highly suggest their detox and rehab services!
, San Antonio TX Jan 11, 2013

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